Welcome…..As I am working on my SEO business “stuff” at Simplified Solution SEO. I was thinking of all the things we do every day with the internet. Like the use of Google on the internet when looking for things. But do you ever wonder how a simple look on the internet for supplies for an RV for example, seems to pop-up on your computer. That is because of cookies on your browser, not on your computer is being tracked, everything. A bit scary at times, but according to Google its to help with the internet experience, so they say…They can…

Needing Google Adwords for the first time in starting a business is not always on someone’s radar. Some articles suggest that would be the first step in getting your name brand out on the web first and promoting your website as you build it. For me, it makes sense, getting a jump on your future and driving the passion of your business like mine of affordable seo business services.

After getting laid off for the second time, my wife and I felt that it was time to reinvent the wheel. …

Shane Phillips

I am an SEO specialist and a Website Designer to assist those that need higher search engine rankings, or a new website for better ROI.

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