What I Learned From a Dog

The sun settled in nicely in my surroundings these days and it’s quite the time when you just enjoy its warmth. It brings fond memories of when I was little and I would just stay put and let the sun bathe me with its warm and loving energy.

On days like that I feel the urge to go outside like everyone else and just enjoy. As I was on my way I saw a cute dog just lying in the grass, soaking up the sun and he looked like he was actually meditating with his eyes closed, just being I guess. I observed him a bit, threw him some food but he was actually not interested in the food, he had his eyes closed and continued with whatever state he was in :) Regardless of using some ways of getting his attention he wouldn’t budge. The wind started blowing and it kind of pulled me away from him and I continued my way.

You know when you love something, but really love, you can’t force it to look upon you by throwing it crumbs, it only comes when you’re not desperate to obtain it/something. Sometimes we get stuck in the same place over and over again, because we are afraid to move forward.

The dog taught me two things: 1. always enjoy the small things in life, just enjoy being; 2. keep moving forward and no matter if you’ve set a goal or not it doesn’t matter, ‘’staring’’ at something for too long prevents any real change.

Well, actually there was a reason why I had to pull away from the dog and the wind pushing me forward, it was because there was a little boy along the way that was carrying a plastic bag with three bottles in it. He was struggling with the bag and was wobbling on the sides and appeared like he was actually ‘’crying’’ for help. So as fate would have it, I witnessed that, just in the right moment and said: ‘’Do you need some help?’’ Without waiting for his answer I went to him and took two bottles out of his bag whilst he was left with the one.

So it doesn’t matter whether it’s about bags, bottles whatever, no matter how silly or important it seems, everything rearranges itself just as it should be and we can only do the best we can.

Always keep moving and stay truthful.

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