Odoo 9: A Promising Option for ERP Professionals

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is undoubtedly one of the best innovations in software technology. Not only has it brought something exceptional to the table, but has also reduced the workload for employees in organizations. Ever since ERP came into the picture, IT professionals all over the world started coming up with software solutions for the same. Odoo happens to be a popular one among them.

Odoo/OpenERP, ever since its inception, became one of the most widely used tools in business, education and a multitude of other fields. This platform is capable of integrating multiple departments in an organization seamlessly. Tasks related to all departments, as a result, can be carried out smoothly without any room for error or confusion. Organizations thus go for Odoo installation services in order to have the excellent features of this platform at their disposal. The changing needs of organizations, however, prompt developers to deploy better versions of the software from time to time. Odoo 9, one of the latest versions of Odoo/OpenERP, is now being implemented in several organizations.

Considered as a major step forward for OpenERP technology, Odoo 9 has taken ERP to the next level. More than 150 research and development team members were involved in creating this version. Accounting, which is a major department in most organizations, has almost been reinvented with the help of Odoo 9. Making accounting tasks even more fluid, this version allows entrepreneurs to have a real time view of their businesses from a financial perspective. Following are some of the best aspects of Odoo 9:

  • It has an advanced user interface. Its impressive layout allows smooth navigation, thus ensuring a good user experience while carrying out daily tasks.
  • Recurring revenues can easily be controlled with a subscription app.
  • Accomplishing account tasks is simpler as one click will suffice for sending invoices.
  • Online interfaces with about 24000 banks can be created. Furthermore, all bank formats are supported.
  • Perpetual closing and easy reconciliation allow one to evaluate the real time financial performance of his/her organization.
  • The bar code mechanism ensures efficient inventory management. It also helps in product procurement and shipping. Also, major shippers as well as e-commerce portals can be integrated with a company through this platform.
  • Digital signatures in PDF can be managed effortlessly.
  • Split billing, floor plans and many other features involved in restaurant management can be integrated together.
  • Recording of time sheets does not require anything apart from a mobile app and a Chrome extension.