My ultimate vision board.

Most people have vision boards. I have this. This is my wall of inspiration, or as I’d like to call it, my #PhilosopherPost wall. I began writing philosopher posts about two years ago as a source of motivation in the midst of my sophomore year of college. However, overtime my philosopher posts have become so much more. They represent who I was, all that I am now, and all that I aspire to become.

I like to consider myself as a philosopher. I always like to have an insightful perspective on things, question things, and engage in intellectual and thought provoking conversations. It’s a hobby of mine, just like developing and designing.

When I started writing philosopher posts, I thought it would be interesting to share some inspiration or words of wisdom to my friends. Soon one post led to another. I soon found myself writing notes for these posts in my phone, filling up a journal with insights, and eventually, part of a wall. Who knew that a little hobby of mine could turn into something more. It had become a part of me. Not only is it my way of spreading wisdom to my friends, but it is something that inspires me to become the best version of myself in every way possible.

The way I see it, my #PhilosopherPost wall tells a story and shows the progression of the insightful knowledge and wisdom I have gained, and how I grew over time. With each life experience, conversation, or event, I came up with a #PhilosopherPost to highlight my take away from it. The surprising thing about them is that, even when I look back at the old posts, it has a whole new meaning when looking at it from a fresh perspective.

On a final note, I’ll leave you with this…everyone has something that inspires them. Find your inspiration and cherish it in every way possible. It may just be that little something that drives your passion or creates a new one. #PhilosopherPost