The program Creative Force by the Swedish Institute turned 10 years this spring 2020. Last year, on May 21 2019, we had the honor of being the visual facilitators during a full day dynamic workshop, led by Marcus Haraldsson and Henrik Johansson.

Creative Force has since 10 years been funding projects working with culture and media to strengthen democracy, human rights and freedom of speech in 27 different countries.

Participants discussed through structured creativity, what they had learnt and how the work should develop in the future. Supported throughout the day by visual facilitators Mina Legnered & Frida “FridaRit” Panoussis.

Today we celebrate humble compassion with gratitude and big smile. #yearofgratitude

The first thing Dalai Lama did when he entered the stage on Malmö Live was to wave his hand at people in the audience and say “Oh, sit down. Sit down.”

Last week on the 13th of May we got to contribute to the visual understanding and overall engagement during the event Share, Mingle & Inspire by Openlab Stockholm.

This is the visual agenda that we prepared in advance to make it a bit more interesting when introducing and following up during the event.

Here are the visual notes here from the Live Scribing:

Today was our very first official scribing since that first week in March when events had to go into quarantine. And we couldn’t have been more grateful than this. Exploring digital, visual engagement via zoom and working with an innovative, kind and professional team on an important topic: equality and diversity to foster innovation.

Nikki, Mina (Simply) and Marie, Ida, Karla (Openlab)

Openlab is a creative space that brings people together to find innovative solutions to challenges we face as a society. The event series ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ is centred around open innovation and will give guidelines how to share. …

Preparing for epic digital event with Openlab

We’re getting ready for a super-session tomorrow with Openlab Stockholm.

Other than the actual Live Scribing that will happen, we’ve also prepared a visual agenda with a few guidelines for all participants and visual support for the breakout sessions.

En tidig sommardag i Malmö med Pontus Christofferson i spetsen och två Live Scribers som med lätthet och finess plockar guldäpplena från hans inspirerande tal.

Dessa guldäpplen blir omvandlade till sköna bilder och text som formar ett summerande landskap av Pontus viktigaste poänger.

I publiken sitter 100 nyfikna personer som spänt lyssnar efter tips om hur man förhandlar med emotionell intelligens. Pontus delar med sig av sina strategier och ger oss tre kommunikativa nycklar:

  1. Etiketter 2. Smarta frågor 3. Speglingar

Han poängterar vikten av att vara tuff mot problemet men trevlig mot personen. Och framförallt lyfter Pontus en övergripande strategi…

Visual thinking and visual communication has been a part our culture since the beginning of humanity. A typical example is cave paintings, people wasn’t able to write books or communicate strategic hunting plans. The only way to do it was to draw what should be done. The oldest cave paintings we’ve found is located in Azerbaijan and they’re around 40,000 years old . In Sweden cave paintings are called Hällristningar and they think the oldest one is around 7000 years old and located in Jämtland .

The global Wikimania conference is coming to Sweden and we’ve got the proud honor of being part of the Knowledge Savers team. Frida “FridaRit” Panoussis and Åsa Jensen Emås will be live scribing the three day conference themed “Stronger together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Åsa and Frida, the two Stockholm-based Live Scribers have three things in common:

  1. They love the color red.
  2. They’ve got the same hero: Pippi Longstocking.
  3. They are both passionate about helping people understand and remember things through live drawings. They use their enormous visual facilitation skillset in processing words into visuals fast as a Formula One race car driver, compassionate as the Dalai lama and beautiful as nature.

Both Åsa and Frida love working digitally so you’ll be seeing them walk around with their iPads throughout the conference this weekend (16–18th of August). …

At global Wikimania in Stockholm, Åsa Jensen Emås will be live scribing the three day conference with the theme “Stronger together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

We wanted to share some insights about Åsa so we did a small interview with her to get to know Åsa and her motivations a bit better. If you want to connect with Åsa you’ll find her social media and contact details at the end of this interview.

Happy reading :)

Åsa, how would you describe yourself in 50 words?

Energetic, colourful and creative all-rounder dedicated to contribute to understanding, involvement…

At global Wikimania in Stockholm, Frida “FridaRit” Panoussis will be live scribing the three day conference with the theme “Stronger together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

I am an innovator, initiator and integrator. With passion for devolvement, justice and a fair world — I use the power of the pen to make the world easier to understand.

We wanted to share some insights about Frida so we did a small interview with her to get to know Frida and her motivations a bit better. …

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