It’s not what but why you do it

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May 18, 2017 · 3 min read

On May 6th in Malmö, TEDx was re-launched by three international students. Sara, Grace and Malin study Sustainable Leadership at Malmö University and just a few months earlier realized that there’s no TEDx happening in Malmö. How weird. Malmö, a continental city of knowledge. Full of ideas to spread.

They took it upon themselves to inspire locals by arranging a TEDx event with motivated speakers. All under the umbrella theme:

Purpose. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.

Vicky of Simply Draw it Big getting started. Photo by Diego Monsiváis.

To be honest, at this very moment of writing, Live Scribing is streaming through my veins, my heart and my brain. It’s all I can think about since February. Enabling people to experience a performance by professional Live Scribers. Or visual illustrators / visual practitioners / graphic recorders / graphic facilitators.

They do go by many names alright.

One thing they have in common: the grand passion for visualizing ideas and making things simple, big and beautiful. Professionals who interpret words and ideas and turn them into visuals. They draw live.

During TEDxFolketspark in Malmö, Simply Draw it Big created an epic, visual documentation of the talks. Nikki and Vicky were drawing live, as each speaker took the stage, capturing the highlights of the talks with illustrations and words. These illustrations created a creative frame around the speaker’s artistic portrait.

TEDxFolketspark, Malmö. Photo by Diego Monsiváis.

We brought all the speakers together in two giant artworks. With positive and negative spaces it was easy to follow the order of talks and at the same time giving each talk their space without dividing them. The design was simple yet interesting, using a few selected colours to make the brand stand out.

It’s not what but why you do it

Our purpose was to enable dialogue and nostalgia. We made a memorable and different summary of each talk, easily accessible at the event venue — for people to hang around, network and share a dialogue. And easy as well, after the event, for people to tell the stories and share their experience with family and friends at home or on Social Media.

The reaction from people

This is the most exciting part of Live Scribing. The immediate feedback from people who watch the drawing in action. And in the breaks people came up and chatted and dropped a few sweet compliments.

The audience

I love the creativity and the fact that it helps me remember what was said.

The speakers

I’m thrilled to see my talk in this artistic way. And I really like the portrait of me. It is amazing. I can’t wait for it to hang on my wall at home.

The staff

Nikki and Vicky of Simply Draw it Big were amazing. Really inspiring to see them in action and it added that extra spice at the event.

Nikki of Simply Draw it Big. Photo by Diego Monsiváis.

The smiles. The laughters. The energy in the room.

Can’t beat that.

/Mina Legnered, Founder of Simply Draw it Big

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And for those of you with a 20 min window in life: you gotta watch Simon Sinek’s TEDTalk about Starting with ‘Why’.

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