Stop the everyday workplace pollution

We used to scribble on whiteboards or sheets of paper. Now we spend hours preparing 150 slides jam-packed power points. You waste time. People’s time. People disconnect already on slide 2 if they see there are 149 slides left.

3–5 charts per slide. 10 bulletpoints per slide. Font size 10 to make it all fit on one slide.

When will it stop? This everyday pollution in almost every single organisation, company or business meeting.

People with frowning foreheads. Squinting eyes trying to decode your text. One with an empty gaze. One is over there snoring while his colleague tries to save him the embarrassment by nudging his elbow to his stomach.

How do we stop this pollution and make the workplace more sustainable?

You’ve got two choices:

  1. Hire someone who can draw and structure at the same time. A Live Scriber who draws the highlights of your presentation. They can even draw those charts you absolutely need to show. Imagine that this takes 2 hours instead of 8 to prepare while helping yourself get things in order and your message clear.
  2. Learn to use the pen again. Practice easy ways of illustrating your thoughts and draw it yourself.

Any of these two alternatives will help reduce the pollution* and make it

  • Memorable
  • Fun
  • Clear
  • Stand out
  • Different

Pollution here refers to “Everyday workplace pollution.” The unnecessary time and energy spent on preparing or watching and listening to boring, ugly and unstructured presentations.

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