TEDxLundUniversity 2019

Simply Draw it Big
3 min readFeb 14, 2019

On 26th of January bright ideas were shared on stage in the magnificent Lund University Aula. The theme was “Nature of change” and Simply Draw it Big was there Live Scribing the talks.

Mina Legnered, Ingrid Skåre and Emelie Hilner were visualising the talks on square papers mounted on foam boards. In each break, they took the boards outside in the networking area and mounted them together into a scribe-tower so that participants easily could walk around it and reflect upon the highlights.

Welcome to view the visual summaries here below. You can save them directly from this article or download them here: TEDxLundUniversity Live Scribing

Many thanks to all the brilliant speakers for your courage and inspiration. And thanks especially to the organizing team who orchestrated this beautiful TEDx event in Lund.


Mina, Ingrid & Emelie




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