5 Spectacular Decor Ideas for Sophisticated Wedding Reception Venue

Most of the ladies around the world dream about their wedding day. Even during their childhood years, they already have a picture in their mind about how they want their wedding to be in the future. Aside from preparing for the actual wedding venue, which is often the church, you also need to make sure that your wedding reception is equally stunning.

Whether you are preparing for your wedding or for someone else’s, these ideas can help you make the reception extraordinary.

Add Cover to Your Chairs

One way to enhance the entire look of your wedding venue is to decorate your chairs with some elegant chair covers. If you think buying covers are expensive, you can opt for a more practical solution like renting. You can find a lot of companies and wedding planners in the United States where you can rent chair covers for weddings. You may ask your friend Google or ask referral from your friend or family.

Use Colored Glassware

Clear and colorless glassware are good and flexible but colored ones can further enhance the beauty of your entire reception venue. If your wedding reception will be held in an outdoor facility, you can opt for blue colored glassware. Buying new glassware for the wedding can possibly eat up a considerable percentage of your budget. So, instead of buying, consider renting colored glassware.

Enhance Tables with Table Runner

For sure, your table decoration will look stunning. But, you can make it more sophisticated and stylish if you add nicely patterned table runner. Instead of filling your center table with many large floral centerpieces, you can instead lay a table runner and then add smaller flower vases. Pick the one with a modern decor inspiration.

Play With Sprig of Herbs

Adding some sprig of herbs can add a touch of fun to your wedding reception venue. Herbs like lavender and rosemary will not only further beautify the place setting but will also add natural and pleasing aroma.

Install a Family Photo Wall

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor wedding venue, you can personalize it by installing a family photo wall. The family photo wall can be used as a quick conversation starter venue or a place where your guests and families can take souvenir photographs. You can add one row to display your family photos and one separate row for your partner’s family pictures or perhaps create a larger version and mix both the photos of your own and your partner’s family. Design it the way you want or make it look like a family tree.

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