Movie-inspired Thoughts.

In the past two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to watch quite a number of movies that have touched me in ways only an Oscar award-worthy movie can. Two that struck me above all others were Hacksaw Ridge and La La Land. The story line, the portrayed emotions, everything was so captivating. So I wrote as inspired and I’d like to share it with You. Don’t worry, it’s still a relationship blog. Enjoy.

A Write-up inspired by the movie “La La Land”:

“I loved a girl once

Her hair was black and a few shades of brown,

It had turned that way cos of all that relaxer

But it was long, Oh, so long and elegant.

Loving her was a thing of pride to me,

The slim girl with the long hair that was not so black.

Oh I loved a girl once

Her face, ebony blue.

She had these dimples, so deep, they’d make a good bed for your finger,

Oh if ever I saw a woman prettier than she!

Her laugh resonated with the beating of my heart

And when she’d hiccup, my “blood pump” would follow suit

I loved a girl once

Her eyes were woody brown

Brighter than mahogany but darker than cedar

She’d talk for hours and I’d sometimes forget

What she had told me ‘cos I was lost in all that woodiness.

I loved a girl once,

I believe she loved me too

We made promises, all of which we broke

We were uncertain and uncertainty was us.

We walked our separate ways, as all great lovers do.

I sometimes wonder whenever I watch a love story

If she’ll ever come back, If I will ever go back,

If we’d ever have that world-transcending love again.

Oh I loved a girl once

I sometimes think about her

Sometimes fondly, sometimes not

I’ll admit it doesn’t hurt like it used to

But every now and then I wonder

How she’s doing, faring, living…

Of course my pride won’t let me simply ask

I shut a door I said I’d never open again

But I hope she’s doing great, and well, and fine.”

PS: I didn’t want to post this initially, but a friend of mine read it, loved it and encouraged me to publish it. So there you have it. Next post is going to be a write-up based on “Hacksaw Ridge”. Thanks for reading.