Movie-Inspired Thoughts: Hacksaw Ridge.

This movie brought literal tears to my eyes! A true story about a war medic, who refused to receive gun training, much less touch one. He was court-martialed for his beliefs and severely punished for his convictions. Quite simply, all the soldiers in his platoon thought he’d be the first to bite the bullet (I mean, it’s a frigging war!). This wonderful man ended up saving 90 wounded soldiers in the war, including his commanding officer. His story taught me the power of conviction. His name? Desmond T. Doss.

Thoughts inspired by the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”:

What truly makes a man?

Is it the broadness of his shoulders

Or the wideness of his grin?

Is it in the way he swings his arms from side to side in a prideful gait that makes him appear highborn

Or in the way he easily towers above others like the Biblical King Saul of old?

Is it in the artful way he uses words to gain advantage over all and sundry, like a real life Frank Underwood

Or does it lie in the depth of his voice and the size of his muscles?

Is it in his “thank you ma’ams” and “God bless you(s)..” or in the strength of his waist and backbone with which he sires not a few offspring…

Is his mettle found in stoic religious views that blind him from what true love means…

Or is he measured by his ability to bend over backwards to please others?

Conviction. What a man believes in, is what makes him.

Kingdoms have been built and empires razed by reason of the belief that a man held firmly.

What do you believe in? In the face of persecution, injustice, and death…What would you still treasure, and be willing to die for?

What truly makes a “you”?