It started 12 season ago, I stopped caring how people judged my life choice. With me being picked on my whole life, Being called the worst names in the book.. I suffered a lot. It hurt so bad the names were so awful I was embarrassed to repeat them to anyone so I held it in. When I started to watch ellen show it changed my whole life. I just want People to hear me. yes I am a boy who’s obsessed with ellen not for her gifts but for her heart. I just want a hug. She inspires me in so many ways it’s crazy. That lil being said I just want the world to know I’m Ellen’s number one boy fan. If I just get one minute to prove to you all I promise I would. Well I know I write bad essay, excuses me I was worried on who was going to pick on me next in school I never payed attention to the teachers. Ugh I’m still human tho, with a huge kind heart I forgive all of you would made my life “impossible” and wanna personally Thanks ellen my idol for making it “possible”, showing me love, giving me hope, & faith in life. #GetMarcoOnEllen
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