5 reasons to Live like Tyler Durden — Fight Club

Fight Club is a kickass movie of all time. It sparks your life and gives a new momentum. It reflects you a way of life which you want, but can’t dare.

If you are lost in the midst of the sea where every unnecessary bullshits are trying to swallow you 1 min at a time, then this movie will help you.

It was released in 1999, and everyone around the globe was blown away by Tyler Durden. Tyler was an imaginary character in the movie. The very next desire of everyone was to be like him.

He gave new meaning to the life of every college and office going dude. The dialogs of the movie were on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

So what is so amazing in Tyler, Let’s watch it

He is carefree with Let it go attitude

Every day you get a chance to live your life, but you spoil it doing something that you don’t want to do.

Unlike you, Tyler understands the value of life and knows how limited it is. His life is without any anxiety and sorrow. He doesn’t give a second thought to a thing that he doesn’t like.

He is not caged with status quo or the desire to impress others. He lives his life without the greed to win or fear to lose. He accepts things open-hearted as it comes.

The crucial thing that you can learn from Tyler is to be like a boat without a rudder in the river. Where keep flowing matters more than putting an effort going to the bank and ends your journey.

He hates Working Job

Most of us do job not because we love it; it’s because it give us a sense of security. People always tend to cover themselves with a safety net.

Everyone of us wants to be untouched with the hardship of the world. But the fact is once you start securing, you stop exploring.

Tyler is not the one who like working jobs, wearing a tie or being a white color slave. All of these enslave your soul. If you are looking to get over these bullshits then Tyler can help you here.

He is not Brand Obsessed

You must not seek your identity in the brands you wear. You must not look the way these brands want you to look.

They start with a promise to give you an idle life and look but ends up making you the slave of theirs.

Tyler is strongly against consumerism. He speaks the real and the bitter truth of these high-class brands. How they start owing you and spoils your life.

You need to have a free life and by free I mean free of CK shirts, Armani jeans or D&G shoes.Get out of these.

Your body is same as every decaying micro-organisms, I don’t know why you are so excited to decorate it.

Lives Everyday as if it’s Last

Every day we go to bed with a hope of getting up tomorrow. But this is not guaranteed. At any moment from now we can die. But none of us bother about this.

Tyler makes every second count. All his ideal human qualities exist because of the fact he believes that his life is limited.

Once you understand this fact that your life timeline is limited, then you will have a different view towards life. It’s only when we are about to die; we realize the importance of life.

Tyler is Spiritually Uplifted

Tyler’s way of living is very spiritual because he doesn’t dwell on the past or the future. He live his life along with the seconds hand of the clock.

His life is not attached by emotions that can stop him from going ahead and doing something that he want to do.

When you are spiritually enlightened, then you don’t pretend to the world. You are what you are, and it doesn’t matter how the world takes it or feels about it.

It clears the way to bring out the real self of yours. And there is no doubt that Tyler has it all. He was spiritual but in a different way.

Self Improvement is not the answer — Tyler Durden — Fight Club