5 reasons why it’s so cool to be an Introvert

Introversion and extroversion are two different dimensions of human personality. The presence of one doesn’t mean the absence of other. Every one of us has the both of these but varies in dominance.

Both of these have their advantage but when it comes to the general concept, Introverts are considered anti-social and dumb because of the lack of outgoing nature. But this is not what it is.

Introverts are awesome, and their quiet nature has its benefit in shaping our society.

Lost in their wonderland

Introverts are quiet, calm and alone, but these nowhere means they are dumb.

They are quiet because they talk to themselves, They are calm because they are peace lovers, and they are alone because they just can’t find a better companion than themselves.

They get lost when they are in the crowd.

They can only find their true self by being alone. They are self-centred, and this is what everyone should be.

To make this get into your head let me give you this quote

” Talk to yourself once in a day otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world “ — Swami Vivekananda

Ignites from Within

We have the infinite source of energy. We are made of same cells of which the entire universe is made. We have enough light within us to enlighten the world.

We don’t need to waste time in seeking all these from an outside source. And, unfortunately, it’s only introverted who believe in the inside source of energy.

Unlike extroverts, introverts are not much stimulus to the outer environment. They are shaped by their inner thoughts, not by the views of the people near them.

They bring inspiration from within.

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Better in Leadership

This may come as a surprise to you, but this is what the fact is. And the fact is despite quiet and calm nature, introverts tend to be better leaders.

Leadership is not about shouting and controlling the mass. It’s about convincing people about your view and to convince you must be convinced of your opinions from your soul. And this where introverts fly high.

Introverts are better in convincing things because their views are filtered through the soul, not from the hustle of the outer environment. And there is a long list of introverted people who have changed the world for good with great leadership.

Introverts have something important to say

You may not find them speaking everywhere. They may not raise their hand to clear every little confusion they may have. You may find them being dead throughout the meeting.

But when they speak you must give you’re all ears to them because they don’t speak everything that comes to their head.

The words that come out of their mouth are filtered to meet the necessity of the situation. It must be something that is very required for that particular moment.

So don’t interrupt instead listen and appreciate.

Immense contribution to Arts and Literary

Before you dig your teeth into Arts and Literature, let me flash you with this, found somewhere on the internet.

Maybe To Be More Creative, Be An Introvert

Art and literature are about the reflection of yourself. It’s like starting off a journey of self-discovery.

Introverts are born obsessed with self-consciousness. And this helps them in pouring some great thoughts in literature or depicting some great feeling through painting. Most of the great writers and artists of the history were introvert.

This doesn’t end here. There are a lot of the great inventors of history who were introvert, like Einstein. In technology right from Steve Wozniak to Larry Page to Zuckerberg are all introverts.

If you are still in the midway to understand or to try hard not to understand the power of introverts, then watch this video (Susan Cain: The power of introverts).

Originally published at www.fivereason.com on April 24, 2015.