Commitment, is it all about you or who?

Thank you Cellcom Green Bay Marathon 2017 for inviting me to participate in being one of your four “trailblazers” representing your event and sharing my journey of training and my life leading up to one of the greatest half marathon events I’ve run. It’s an honor to be chosen to represent an event. It’s an honor to be asked by a friend for advice. It’s an honor to be invited or relied upon to do or participate in almost anything an organization or person you respect asks you to help with or participate in.

Why are you chosen to represent an organization? Why are chosen for advice? Why are you asked to lead? We are all asked in one way or another to lead on a daily basis. Our inner self even pushes us into leadership througouth the day. What makes us do it? My belief is that it’s all about COMMITMENT! The bottom line is you are committed to help. You want to live up to the committment you made and so you serve.

With decades of training and excercise I am most successful when I am committed to someone or something other than just me. If I’m asked to meet someone at the gym for a morning workout at 5:30 am and I commit to being there, I am there! If I have the intention to go workout at 5:30 am and I dont have a commitment to a partner to meet at that time, I realize my inner voice will convince me to stay in bed and get that workout done later in the day. And later in the day often turns into tomorrow! And the journey to tomorrow often leads to a place called nowhere. One life we have and you’re on the clock so make those committments loud and proud and stop convincing yourself you will actually start tomorrow.

Fullfilling Commitments is a powerful tool in motivating me to be the best I can be. It’s often been said that one of the most important things you have in your life is your word and I would agree. Keeping your committments and living up to your word is exactly the same thing. A deal is a deal and when you vocalize your intentions to others you have to be locked into that. No excuse, no reason why you can't, get it done and enjoy every second of it.

Are you committed to running the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon yet? Is there something inside of you that is tugging at you to sign up for the first time or maybe for a second or third time or more? Why are you not signed up? Grab a friend and commit to the training with that friend and sign up. It may be one of the most rewarding commitments you make in your life time. I believe that the committment you make to run the race has more to do with who you choose to do the race with or for than doing it just for you! I am committed to sharing my journey with you. Join me at the finish line this year at historic Lambeau field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The beer, brats and music are great but fullfilling my committment to completing the race with you is the ultimate reward of all.

Join me on my unusual journey to completing a half marathon along with navigating through the awesome exposure given to us through social media…Help me stay committed and follow me on multiple platforms. My hope is i can help you in some unknown way to stay the course while being encouraged by you….Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat (Simplysmith). It all starts right now with a COMMITTMENT to WHO?

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