The value of my education is, above all, that I am motivated to challenge myself to do things that are difficult, and that I am surrounded by the inspiration and support that I need to embark on these challenges. In the context of an editorial design assignment — to design an entire book, cover to cover — pushing myself meant going beyond just learning how to typeset and format a book. I decided that I would illustrate the book, as well, which seemed like it could be a solid first attempt at something I have always wanted to do. …


As an editorial design project, I created a magazine and designed a single issue including the cover, department spreads, a main feature and photo essay, an infographic, editor’s letter, masthead page, table of contents, social page, and advertisements. As a semester-long project, I was able to deeply explore magazine design and my chosen topic. The result is the product of design trials and research. The resulting magazine — Linen — is a carefully constructed passion project.

Linen is a quarterly magazine focused on sustainable fashion and beauty. Sustainable, “slow fashion,” has become a huge buzzword in the fashion industry as…


Euthymia is a web app prototype that I created for patients living with bipolar disorder, who have achieved enough stability in their lives to set targets for themselves and want to remain on track with their goals and medication. It will allow them to recognize negative patterns in their life and alert them to downswings or upturns in their moods.

It was created as a project for an interactive media design course, for which we were given the task to design an app that would be used on desktop, but designed for mobile first. This was to challenge us…

Jacqueline Simpson

I am a graphic designer and illustrator, who believes that art and design can change the world. View my work at

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