Flora Fountain in Monsoon by S H Raza

Flora Fountain in Monsoon, S H Raza, 1945. Private collection

I went to school around the corner from Flora Fountain so this painting is one that makes me feel nostalgic. I got to see Flora Fountain twice a day for 12 years. It was the backdrop to many bus parties and carpool conversations. I used to walk from school to my Aunt’s restaurant behind the fountain every time I missed my bus home, the promise of her food proving more tantalising than an afternoon nap. I can vividly remember trying and failing to find my footing on the uneven pavement as I wound my way past the sandwich walla (who…

June 7, 2020

With all that’s been going on I’m scared I’ve forgotten what it’s like to physically talk to a person. There isn’t much to talk about these days since I refuse to spend hours discussing all things Covid-19. I wonder how people will sound when I can hear them in person again. How will our conversations flow when we can’t physically greet each other and we’re restricted by masks and a distance of 2 meters? As the weeks drag into months I can’t help but wonder how the world will sound when this is all over. Will Bombay’s…

June 1, 2020.

Mort Chatterjee, from Chatterjee & Lal, commented on how the tables have turned on humanity. We are now the ones trapped inside yearning to be released, the promise of summer painstakingly relinquished to the claws of the coronavirus. We can pretend that we’re bringing the summer inside by fulfilling our annual project of eating as many mangoes as we can (my aunt has managed 5 a day this year) whilst having endless discussions about when it will rain this year. …

Simran Sanghi

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