9 T-shirts You Absolutely Need If You Love Coldplay

Coldplay, the famous British rock band has been at the top of the music charts for more than a decade now. The four-member band was formed in 1996 and has enjoyed huge popularity worldwide.

It’s Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to treat your wardrobe to some awesome Coldplay tees today?

Here are our top picks, which are sure to make your wardobe look like a sky full of stars!

1. She dreamed of Para-Para-Paradise


The melody of this 2011 song still echoes in our hearts. Never let the dreams of paradise end with this T-shirt!

2. Lights will guide you home


Chris Martin’s voice will ALWAYS guide us home.

This T-shirt was part of our PrintOctopus Hall of Fame 2016, and the reason is absolutely clear!

3. Coldplay Fan? Absolutely!


If there was a Coldplay fan kit on this planet, this t-shirt would’ve been the first thing to put in it! Get your fan game on point with this must-have T-shirt!

4. And it was all Yellow


This song definitely holds a special place in our playlist, and we’re sure many of us smashed our repeat buttons on this one. A must-have for all the ‘Yellow’ fans out there.

5. Coldplay x India


Shooting a video in the streets of Mumbai, Chris Martin jamming with A.R. Rehman and him singing Channa Mereya in their gig in Mumbai, there’s no denying the fact that Coldplay loves all things desi, and we desis love all things Coldplay!

6. Stuck in Reverse


Because this phrase holds our hearts even after all these years. A T-shirt for anyone and everyone who is still obsessed with ‘Fix You’

7. The 4 wonders


Too much awesomeness for one t-shirt, yes. Meet the family which made the world laugh, cry and sing with their evergreen music.

8. The only Calm we need to Keep


Blend in the ‘Keep Calm’ pop culture whilst still being a die-hard Coldplay fan!

9. Bob The Builder X Coldplay


Sing along — “Can we Fix You? Yes we can!”, something all 90’s kids can relate to.

We wish Chris a very happy birthday and huge success in his life. We also wish for his long life, because we still dream of filling up our entire phone memories with Coldplay songs. Not to mention that we’ve filled our wardrobes with these T-shirts already!

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