December is my favorite month of the year, the reason because I am a lazy bum and I don’t enjoy any of the other season of the year as much as I love being cozy lazy in December (winters). It might sound funny to you but recently I quit my job just to be lazy and to enjoy the winters of the December.

During the winters I love lying in the bed with my comfy, soft and warm blankets with nice fattening foods and a sweet, emotional heart clenching romantic movie. This is my everyday routine these days.

So here I go with the list of movies all cotton candies (Sweet hearts) should watch. Don’t worry I have not ruined the fun of you watching them by telling the stories to you. So if your genre is romance & drama then you shouldn’t miss the below listed movies

Me before you

I am keeping this movie on the number one because this is one of the fresh aired new style of romance. My throat was chocking when the actor was expressing his feelings to the lady whom he loves so much and feels helpless of not being able to take the relationship a step further.

One Day

One Day is the story of Emma and Dexter and their cute complicated relationship. Here Emma is a sweet simple girl where Dexter is an opportunist fu*k boy.

The fault in Our Stars

The fault in our stars is the movie which will make your throat choke like thousand times, because of its amazing story line and awesome actors. Also this movie will not give you the same Romeo Juliet feel but trust me it’s worth choking your lungs with the sweet pain.

P.S. I Love You

“P.S. I Love You” movie was released in the year 2007 and this movie is based on the bestselling novel by Irish writer Cacelia Ahern. This is the story of hope, strength and inspiration.


We have been talking a lot about guy and girl relationships but I think here we should take a little break and talk about female relationships. The story of Carol movie is as precious as the Romeo Juliet stories we watch. As I promised, I won’t ruin your fun of watching these movies and have your own reviews on them, so I won’t tell you much.

Like Crazy

This is a must watch movie for all the lovers who are in distance relationship or planning to be in. This movie shows the changing phase of a relationship with amazing direction and storytelling. I got a little extra emotional while watching this movie because um.. Leave it; it’s anyways none of your business.

Dear John

Aah!! This movie actually made my tears roll down from my cheeks. This movie’s amazing story is by Nicolas Sparks. This movie should be in the list of “the movies you should watch before you die”.

The Longest Ride

This movie is all about passion, sacrifice, affection and deep love. There are some amazing romantic lines this movie has like ‘sometimes you do some sacrifice for your love but it does really worth making them’ and ‘I don’t know what future holds for me but there is no future without you’ and many more like these. I am hoping at least these lines will drag you to the browser or to the store to buy the DVD. The amazing storytelling makes this movie more interesting and worth troubling your eyes at 2 AM.

The Lucky one

It’s Zac amazing Efron, what else do I need to tell you when there is Zac romancing in a movie and the story is written by Nicolas Sparks.

The Best of Me

This movie is based on the novel The Best of Me by “Nicolas Sparks” I think this is enough for you to buy or surf your net browser to watch this amazing romantic movie.

I know — I know this list doesn’t count the iconic movies like Titanic & The notebook because I wanted to give a little fresh list of romance to you. Hope you will enjoy watching them because I personally did.

Meet you soon with my next blog. A big hug & Chao!!