Five Upcoming Painters in Kolkata

Kolkata is said to be the culture capital of India and art is one of the best way to reflect how much you are in touch with your heritage and culture. Kolkata boasts of some amazing artists and when it comes to painters, the love for art and culture of the city is best reflected in the art galleries of Kolkata. Here is a list of the most promising artists of Kolkata.

Rupchand Kundu

Realism on Canvas is synonymous with Rupchand Kundu. Searching for truth and consciousness of beauty has been the chief objective for him. Communicating to people through his journey and reflecting his philosophy on art is the chief thing you will notice in his artwork. He loves to experiment with installation art and other form of art works. He can be termed as a reputed contemporary artist.

Jayasri Burman

Born in Kolkata, Jayasri Burman is a well known Indian contemporary artist who loves to explore mythical elements and bold themes in beautiful and strong colors. Hailing from a family of artists, her artworks are strong imagery which has a dreamlike and lyrical quality. Her works are mainly inspired from Indian folk elements and reflects honesty. Like most women artists, she also explores various women issues through her paintings. Nature is also a part of her subject in her paintings.

Surabhi Agarwal

A self taught artist, Surabhi Agarwal has always wanted to be a professional artist since her childhood. Her love for travel, inter school painting competitions and being in touch with her spirituality resulted in her becoming one of the upcoming painters in not just Kolkata but across the nation. She takes inspiration from the great masters and museums from across the world are her favourite destination, because she gets to witness the wonderful artwork of the great masters. She loves to explore spirituality and reflects her view on women empowerment. Many of her paintings reveal women aspirations and dreams. In a world where the dreams, aspirations or the women itself is strangled to a slow death, her paintings are an inspiration, they motivate the world of the beauty and the hard reality about women.

Chandra Bhattacharjee

Away from the cityscapes, his works reflects the ethereal realm with dusky but beautiful women and men existed caught between their daily chores. The colors he explores in his paintings are subdued yet bright and vibrant. His paintings seem to exist without any boundaries and that is what makes them unique. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the urban life, his paintings act as a breather.

Swati Pasari

Swati Pasari is yet another upcoming women artist from Kolkata. Her paintings are mainly centered on Krishna or other Gods and Goddesses, religion and spiritualism. She is a contemporary artist as well as a Pranic healer, she believes in positivity and the power of positive thoughts and practice. Through her art and sculptures she believes in spreading happiness and positive vibes and her paintings beautifully reflect her belief and thoughts. She believes in the art of forgiveness and spreads the value of forgiving through her works.

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