Innovative Food at Wedding: 4 trends that are creating the buzz

The season of the big fat Indian wedding is here again! And what is a wedding without the lip-smacking delicacies which is obviously the greatest attraction of the event? Food is something that defines Indian weddings; guests will talk about it for a long time if you strike the right chord with the taste buds. But the days of the same old dal makhani, butter chicken and paneer pasinda are over! Couples want to experiment with every aspect of this cherished event of their lives, can food be far behind?

A trend that has been catching up and is finally acknowledged to stay is the presence of live counters at weddings. The best thing about a live counter is that guests feel empowered to choose the ingredients and prepare a customized dish instead of going by the set fare. Moreover, everything is prepared right before the eyes, so you can add, subtract or even multiply your favourite ingredients in your dish.

Chaat counters are an integral part of wedding, but now guests want more than the just regular spread of pani puris and papri chaats. Fusion street food is the talk of the day! Things have changed as more vendors are including international flavours and blending them with desi chaat to present fashionable fusion food. Indian tapas bars are a rage these days. You can add your favourite dry poha, diced chicken, masala peanuts and even papri chaat to the Spanish tapas and enjoy the culinary concoction. Presentation is one of the key aspects of fusion street food. Who would have thought that papri chaat in martini glasses will simply grab the attention of the guests?

If there is good food, people automatically start looking for innovation with their drinks as well. Alcohol popsicles are hugely popular among the young lot! When you set up the cocktail counter, you should have bartenders ready to prepare the favourite cocktails of your guests! Bloody Mary with a hint of chilli can never go wrong for a cocktail lover! Or, you can simply spice up the Tom Collins with a touch of extra lemon zest. A trained bartender is all you need who can cater to the diversified tastes of the guests. Guests who do not like cocktails should have options like buttermilk, aam panna, lassi and juices, especially during the summer months.

The new slogan with the younger generation is farm-to-table. Out with the spicy, in with the healthy! Your guests will love it if you consciously try to add some healthy options to your wedding menu. Salad counters will be a favourite spot among guests who are attending summer weddings. You need not worry about antacids as the wedding menu now comprises of gluten-free and vegan choices!

Now that your food worries are over for the D-day, you can concentrate on looking your beautiful best for the most cherished event of your life!

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