Why I Love Cooking Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Since the time civilization took a firm root in India, Mustard oil has been used to cook the delicious food items and give it a pungent aroma and that special extra taste. When it comes to Indian households, especially in the eastern region of the country, mustard oil enjoys undisputed monopoly. Mustard oil has been accredited through scientific studies as being the healthiest cooking oil while being tasty because there is low Saturated Fatty Acid (SFA) and high amount of MUFA & PUFA in mustard oil, all of which lessens the risk of heart diseases and other health ailments.

Be Assured Of Purity before Buying Mustard Oil

The purest form of mustard oil is the kachi ghani mustard oil. So what exactly is ‘kachi ghani’? The process by which there is a cold press extraction that takes the oil out from the mustard seeds is known as kachi ghani. The seeds are crushed at a low temperature and because of that, antioxidants, essential oils and natural properties stay intact in the oil. This is the purest form of mustard oil and is 100% safe for regular human consumption. In fact, its consumption does a world of good to the human body — both inside and outside.

While buying mustard oil, it is always advisable to go for sealed packs like Saloni Kachi Ghani Mustard oil that uses the most modern the advanced technology to extract the best of aromatic mustard oil. Moreover, when the oil is pungent and brings tears to your eyes, rest assured that it is the real and pure product.

Complements Any Dish and Cuisine

Mustard oil is one of the most versatile oil for the Indian households because it suits the dishes admirably while bringing out the amazing flavor and aroma of the classic Indian spices. The oil complements both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Not only cooking, mustard oil is used for the preservation of pickles and other food items and only the purest of pure mustard oils can give the food items the required flavor, color and texture while preserving the item to prevent it from getting spoiled.

Health Benefits Of Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

When it comes to mustard oil, there are many other therapeutic values which can be got from this magical oil. You already know that it is good for the heart. Moreover, it is highly recommended that newborns be massaged with mustard oil so as to increase their bone and muscle strength. It is again the purest of pure mustard oil that can suit the delicate skin of children.

When one is down with cold and cough, the pungent, aromatic and pure mustard oil is surely effective to ease blocked nose. In colder climates, children and adults alike massage themselves with mustard oil so that heat is generated to stay warm and protected. Other than that, mustard oil is anti bacterial in nature and effective in killing S typhi and E coli bacteria. Babies are vulnerable to these bacteria and mustard oil protects them.

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