In this article, three tasks have been accomplished:

What is an Image?

An image is defined as a two-dimensional function, F(x,y), where x and y are spatial…

OpenCV-Python is a Python library which helps us to work in the field of Computer Vision.

Most of the times it is integrated with Machine Learning tools in case of Face-detections, Object-detection and other such projects. However, Its main function is image processing and video capturing.

To start using the…

This web app provides a graphical interface for running kubernetes commands

Languages used


The main focus of this app is to help newbies get comfortable with kubernetes, as the process gets automated. …

Let’s get our hands dirty and make a bot which helps us to feel calm by sending cute images of animals and meme templates as well.

Features of our bot:

Asynchronous video interviews are one in which the interview can be given any time as per the applier’s convenience. Basically there is no one on the call to ask you questions rather an app takes the interview. …

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a non-relational database (often known as No-SQL). It is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling.

In simple words, you can say that — Mongo DB is a document-oriented database. …

We have created a Diabetes prediction app

To run the app in your local system or cloud system the prerequisites are:

This needs to be done so that you can copy the github code.

2. Python3 installed (yum install python3 -y)

The code…

Features of the app:

Stack Overflow

Stack overflow, the answer to every error in your code or environment. …

We need to start by launching an aws ec2 instance in which we are going to carry out our practical.

After that , configure the hadoop setup on the aws by downloading the java file and hadoop rpm files , and installing them. You also need to make required changes…

Businesses are increasingly expecting technology to be a cornerstone of every new initiative. IDC surveys of line-of-business representatives show that more organizations expect the IT department to help identify which parts of the business could be digitally transformed through the use of technology.

Traditional approaches to leveraging technology are too…


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