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Silk Sarees are a popular choice for every Indian woman. Bhagalpuri silk or Tussar silk is obtained from the silk moths belonging to the genus Anthereae, such as Anthereae Proyelei, A. Pernei and A. Mylitta etc. Bhagalpuri silk were considered to be an almost dying art until its recent resurgence among modern Indian women. It is known for its characteristic crisp texture and the naturally occurring golden color. The largest city in Eastern Bihar, Bhagalpur is best known for its silk cottage industries and mangos. Sometimes rightfully recognized as the silk city of India, Bhagalpur triumphs over all hurdles such as lack of funds and infrastructure and produces two million meters of silk a year and the annual trade value rises up to Rs. 100 crores. The silk industry dates back to hundreds of years and while once it was a blooming business, has now lost its edge to more developed locations.

The wild species of silk moths that produce this exquisite variety of silk threads in the form of cocoons usually reside in the trees like Shorea Robusta or Terminalia sp and some other types of plants such as Arjun, Oak and Jamun. They also feed on these leaves. Production of silk is an extremely labor intensive process and requires close attention and time by the weavers. Most of the silk are nowadays woven in power looms but still a large fraction of it is woven in handlooms. In order to make one saree it may take 1000 to 50,000 cocoons to be woven together depending upon the design. High5Store is one of those best online portals providing you the top collection.

Sarees being an ethnic wear suites all occasions and functions and can be paired with a wide variety of accessories based on the design.

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