Full Body to Body Massage in Lajpat Nagar Delhi with Price

Allow talented and professional masseurs to use pressure and passive stretching techniques to improve your physical health and chronic muscle tensions. You will feel healthier, less anxious and refreshed.

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body to body massage price in delhi

Your masseur will personalize the service by paying attention to the problem muscular areas that are tense, painful and tired.
Natural volcanic stones and organic essential oils will regain your power.

In the Enigma dermatosmetic center you will be greeted by a smiling therapist with the attention you deserve and expect to receive!

The offer includes:

Whole body to body massage in lajpat nagar therapy with volcanic stones, green tea and honey.
Duration of the massage: 60 minutes.

Price b2b massage in delhi :- 1499.00

Benefits of the procedure:

• Reduce stress hormone levels.

• Better mood and relaxation.

• Reduce inflammation of the muscles.

  • Relaxation of the muscles.

A set of four massages in Delhi

A female to male body massage in delhi spa located in the heart of the Town — everyone is welcome!

The relationship between the healing powers of hands and scents will awaken the body’s energy resources. Natural oils, herbs and heat therapy used in massages will help to balance the body’s natural balance, strengthen immunity and improve blood flow. All negative emotions and tension will disappear, spiritual balance will return.

There are 4 ayurvedic massages waiting for the arrival:

nuru massage in delhi;
body to body massage in delhi;
sensual massage in delhi;
erotic massage in delhi.

The oasis of peace for the body and soul …

At http://www.simranspa.in/ Simran body to body massage spa in lajpat nagar, delhi you will know how to feel good, to achieve your well-being.

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