Importance of LED OT Lights

Operation theatre lights or surgical lights are light used in operation theatre. They provide a clear view of the operation table to the surgeon, so that they can examine patients in details and assess accurate position of the patient. These lights illuminates local area of the patients even in deep cavities and narrow surface. These lights should be shadow less and should have power back up.

LED OT Lights and LED examination lights are superior OT lights, which provides accurate clear vision and superior illumination. These LED OT lights have many advantages. Some of them are as follows-

Pure White Colour

The best feature of LED OT lights is pure white light. High quality LED OT light gives whiter light. Halogen bulbs gives yellow light, which can be turned into white light with coatings, but colour is not ideal and colour temperature raises, whereas LED lights gives whiter lights, which improves visibility at large. Using many halogen lights simultaneously can distract surgeon by creating many spots, whereas as LED lights cancel variations being caused by each other. The light colour are matched in a better way and light produced is more consistent.

More Accurate Colour Rendition

LED lights have better colour rendering capabilities. Better colour rendition facilitates better distinction between colours, even subtle differences. They offer more accurate visualization of different colours, even they are very mildly different.

Improved Shadow Control

LED lights are more consistent and whiter. They also offer better shadow control, which is very crucial in surgical procedure. If OT lights cast shadows, then it will hinder a surgeon’s view and pose an obstacle in accurate estimation of patient’s conditions or other related things. Halogen lights have single bulb with reflectors, which have multi dimensions. These can create spots in lights, which can cause distraction, whereas LED lights are more consistent and have better shadow control.

LED OT lights and LED Examination Light offer clearer view with improved visibility, thus LED lights have proved to be a better option, both as LED OT light and LED examination lights. They give doctors and surgeons better visibility, which helps in detailed examination, accurate assessment and precision in surgical procedures.