Types Of Operation Theatre Table

Operation Theatre Table is one of the most important equipment used in operation theatre. It is a special table designed to make patient rest on it while going through surgery. Operation Theatre Table suppliers in Delhi and other metropolitan cities offers variety of OT tables, which are designed to suit various surgical requirements. Now a days there are various OT tables available, which are easy to operate, light in weight and are quite comfortable for the patients too.

For different important medical and surgical operations different types of operation tables are needed which suits the requirement to the tee. OT table suppliers in Delhi and other big cities in India have various OT tables on offer as OT table manufacturers design these tables based on in- depth knowledge of various OT table requirements. Some of the most common OT tables are as follows-

Electromatic Operation Table with Longitudinal Top

Electromatic Operating Tables are used for various surgical purposes including cardiology, bariatric, orthopedic, neurology and other such surgical requirements. It is mobile and electrically operated and can bear up to 300 kgs. of weight. It has a sliding top and C-ARM function. It can be operated through external power or on battery. 
 Orthopedic Table

This table has been especially designed for orthopedic procedures. It is a mobile table with orthopedic attachments. It is also electric operated, which can be powered through battery or external power source.

Electromatic Operation Table

This electromatic table has C-ARM function and good deal of radiology access. It can be used for cardiology, orthopedic, neurology, gynecology and urology Procedures.

C-ARM Gearmatic Hydraulic Operation Table

This is a hydraulic surgical table and can be used for Neurology, Urology and ERCP Procedure.

C-ARM Hydraulic Operation Table

It is a X-RAY compatible table. It is a hydraulic table with C-ARM. It has Flex-Reflex, adjustable height function and chair position.

Bariatric Operating Table

It is a mobile electric surgical table which can be used for bariatric, orthopedic, neurology and other such surgical procedures. It can be used for laparoscopy.

Orthopedic Operating Table

It has been especially designed for orthopedic surgical procedures.

Ophthalmic Operation Table

It is a motorized operation table. It provides ample space to surgeon and full comfort to the patient. It has manual control on up & down motion, which provides surgeons with easy access to the patient.

Radiolucent Imaging Tables-

Radiolucent imaging tables provides 360 degree imaging quality. It helps surgeons to examine patients from all sides in detail. It is a mobile table and can be used in any room of the hospital as per requirement.

There are more varieties of OT tables available with OT Tables Supplier in Delhi. These are most common OT tables used in a hospitals for surgery, one can get an OT table as per requirement from OT table suppliers in Delhi.