Why LED Lights are used in Operation Theatre

In operation theatre, surgeons must have all the facilities to perform the surgeries. OT Light plays important role in giving the surgeons the best atmosphere to carry on critical operations. Lights in OT must give the doctors the clearest view so can they do their job precisely. Previously, halogen lights were used in the operation theatre. But, now-a-days, LED OT lights are used to give the surgeons greater vision and minute precision.

Short Overview of LED OT Lights

Today, LED examination light in OT has changed the atmosphere of the place completely. In healthcare sector, this type of light was first introduced in November, 2005 and from that day it is serving superiorly in the OT. The design and performance of this lighting system has proved that it can serve the clinical sector better than its predecessors, halogen lighting system. Throughout the country, LED OT Lights have gained immense popularity that it took no time to replace the halogen lighting system instantly. Why these lights are so popular in operation theatre? Let’s find out the reasons-

  1. LED lights are less energy consuming than halogen lights. Besides, they produce bright light which makes it easy for surgeons to dissect tissues carefully.
  2. Another benefit of LED lights is it longevity. A LED light lasts up to 10–15 years where the halogen lights need to be replaced after 1000 hours of use. It is always better to use LED than halogen.
  3. One of the most vital benefits of LED light on clinical sector is that this lighting system delivers high intensity light while producing less heat. Therefore, it becomes possible for the surgeons, nurses and the total team can perform their duties much comfortably.
  4. If the surgical lights with high intensity produce lesser heat that is also good for the patient. The operation room must be kept cool to keep the equipments running smoothly. There is no better option than LED lights.
  5. Reliability is another advantage of LED lights in OT that makes it superior to halogen. The tungsten filaments in halogen bulbs are not at all reliable and once that is gone, the bulb is burnt out. LED lights are not bulbs. Therefore, there is no filament. These are visual spectrum which is used for illumination. So, definitely these are more reliable.
  6. The LED lights are designed with improved shadow control facility which can control shadows much better than halogen lights. Due to consistent light, shadows can’t disturb surgeons and many surgeons have admitted that they don’t need to wear headlamps due to LED lighting system.

Hopefully, you get idea why LED lights are there in the OT instead of halogen. These are reasons that all the hospitals and nursing homes use this lighting system at OT.