A Solution to the “Immigration Problem”

No walls required

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This is neither popular nor politically correct to say but the problem most Americans have with illegal aliens is their perception that foreigners come to the United States and enjoy the financial benefits our government provides without having contributed anything.

A Free Ride, in other words. So un-American. Tsk-tsk.

So… we get idle threats about building walls, and ridiculous talk concerning who will pay for it, and rhetorical arguments about the propriety of our immigration policies. And families torn apart. And “Sanctuary Cities” flaunting federal law while still taking every federal handout they can get. And on and on and on.

Two immutable facts:

  1. It is a federal crime to immigrate to the U.S.A. without proper authorization. So all you hand-wringers saying, basically, “Leave ’em alone unless they’ve committed a crime” just go ahead and shut the hell up. Now. Please. And,
  2. The 535 bloviating bovines in Congress could, if they really wanted to, fix the issue by repealing prohibitions against immigration. (Of course, this at the political peril of being accused of being soft on immigration.)

I’m sick of the whole thing. Enforce the law or Fix the law. Either one. But this selective enforcement of the law, this “catch and release” program, does nothing better than underscore how unjust our justice system really is. “The best justice system money can buy.”

I’ll admit it: I’m an “Open Borders” libertarian to my core. Say whatever else you will, but we are a nation of immigrants, and we are better for it.

And, as a libertarian, I think there’s only one way around this perceived inequity: Throw open the borders while simultaneously abolishing the federal handouts people are concerned about “giving away” to so-called “undeserving” immigrants. SNAP, Medicare, financial support, housing credits, the works. Dump it. Shut it down. Make America Great Again by bringing back the noble sense of self-reliance and our admiration for independence!

If the states don’t want to turn off their entitlement spigots, that’s fine. Sanctuary your cities to your hearts’ content. Just don’t use Federal tax dollars to sustain these giveaways. Use the Planned Parenthood model: Take all the Federal money you can get your hands on. Just promise you won’t use it for anything they tell you not to. (Note to self: this is a topic for a whole ‘nother article.)

And, besides, the current system is about as corrupt and broken as it gets. Foreigners with relatives in the U.S. struggle to get a visa for a family visit while millionaires buy green cards through the EB-5 program. Student visas are given away like gimme-caps at the state fair, but no one ever follows up to see if the “students” actually leave at the end of their academic careers.

Because there’s really no way around these three simple truths: Our shared history is founded on the bedrock of immigrants’ contributions. People come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones. We should let them.

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