If you’ve been following the evolution of web development in the last ten years, especially client-side applications, you’ve probably heard more and more about the concept of workers in articles and conversation — even more so in the last couple of years since Google (and Jake Archibald, with vigor!) started pushing for the introduction of Service Workers to web standards.

I personally became genuinely interested in workers after I attended Andrew Dunkman’s talk on the subject at the Abstraction conference in Pittsburgh this past August (you can watch his entire talk from another conference here).

The problem is that if…

From newsletters, to RSS feeds, social networks, apps like Google Now and Medium, a significant amount of interesting and relevant content is delivered to you multiple times a day from a variety of sources.

Because of our busy lives, it’s nearly impossible to read every single post on the spot. If you’re like me, by the end of the week, you’ve stockpiled a nearly insurmountable mountain of shit you want to read, but have simply set aside for later.

Much in the same way that an inbox teeming with hundreds of unread messages is considered stressful and counterproductive, the habit…

Simon Walsh

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