Comedians and media are cementing Trump’s win in 2020.

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It seems the follies of our current President make juicy fodder for mainstream comics and media. Not just the follies, but his actions, travels and executive orders get converted to some type of comedy. While it definitely brings in revenue for the comedians, networks and sponsors, I believe it is bad for the country. They even turn his accusations of bullying, threats and tweets of fake news into comedy.

I am not a political analyst, but if we are laughing, how can we stay mad. So what would we have to be mad about?
The election is one thing. He did not win the popular vote, so he had to find a loophole to win the election. In some cases being super competitive and exploiting your opponent will win you the race. For example, if I was in second place in a marathon and twenty feet from the finish line, I might distract the other runner with trash talk or nasty insults, he might turn or pause just for a second and I could run right by.
In this case the popular vote of the USA was not for him, and that race should not have the loophole he exploited. It just shouldn’t be available for any candidate.
So while the Jimmy’s, Bill, Seth, as well as other comedians and the mainstream media have an inexhaustible supply of joke material, his supporters are laughing all the way to 2020. The more exposure, the better, especially if it is comedy.
Something like the scene in Breaking Bad where Jesse put the body in the upstairs bathtub and filled it with acid then all of a sudden the whole thing burned through the tub, the floor and what was left came crashing down right in front of them with a huge splat. Ha Ha, unconscionable deeds being shown as comedy.

Please stop making comedy of anything this president does, Please!

The only way to hold them accountable is to stop making it into jokes and get serious. Someone build a website that shows a running tally of felony charges for example for him and people in his circle. OMG, just the thought we would need something like that for our own government makes me feel like hurling.
Imagine you were an employee for a medium or large company and you were in management or another leadership position. If the FBI and Justice Department came calling to your employer with several investigations and potential felony charges, how long would your employer wait before discharging you or at the very least forcing a leave of absence? Or do you believe you would be allowed to do business as usual?

Someone needs to build a website keeping a running tally of the potential felony charges for all the bad actors. We need to show the American public the list of unconscionable deeds for all of the elected officials. It needs to be the first thing we see in the morning to get us fired up and continually work to remove the bad actors. They represent us, the American people, so let’s get the bad ones out. Theft, corruption and abuse of office to name a few, should not be acceptable.

“Maybe he needs a forced leave of absence to answer the charges”

Americans should be innocent until proven guilty, so here is a suggestion.The FBI and Justice Dept. continue with the investigations but for the good of the USA, maybe he needs a forced leave of absence to answer the charges. As with any citizen, if none of the charges are proven and he is cleared, then it’s back to business. Let the Vice President run the nation while the investigations proceed, after all if he is good enough to be Vice President, he should be able to run the nation, right?

I’m guessing, but I believe most Americans have some underlying respect for the office of the President out of patriotism, but where we lose respect for the person is in the bad actions, bullying and general dis-respect for the American people.

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

On the Flip Side;

I was watching a political talk show and they mentioned that Oprah and Michele Obama were out campaigning for other candidates. Then the topic changed to which one you would vote for in 2020 if they ran for President.

I believe the winning ticket would be Michele Obama with Oprah as her running mate. Don’t get me wrong, I believe if Oprah ran and Michele didn’t run, then hands down I am there for her. I mean Oprah is Oprah after all but, well, if Michele Obama would run, come on, it’s Michele Obama!

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