Reality Check:
an occasion on which one is reminded of the state of things in the real world.

In the real world, it seems every single computer is vulnerable to attack.

Super large companies, medium companies and yes, even small companies like ours get hacked.

Some of the many antivirus companies compared

When the first “Creeper virus” appeared in 1971 it set in motion a snowball effect that, as early as 1987, had Fred Cohen writing that “there is no algorithm that can perfectly detect all possible computer viruses.”
Scientists first developed methods of detection based on the file signature changes then added heuristic detection because viruses…

Just 193 ?

Are you being brainwashed by the company you keep?

It is possible your circle of friends are spreading health-related misinformation and you are a willing participant.

Try to imagine, in your own mind, one year ago from today, your opinion on the healthcare system, vaccinations, tobacco, miracle cures, dieting, cleansing, exercise, GMO foods, Ebola and any other topics that you were exposed to from your social interactions.

Now write a list, of just the changes, of your opinions and beliefs from a year ago compared to today.

So why, are most of us starring at a blank sheet of paper…

USA night lights

There have only been a few major grid failures since 1965 and none were from cyber-hacking. This article ventures into possible solutions for communication using the main communication methods available to most of the population. When the Utility Grid has another massive failure, there will still be several viable options if you plan ahead with the right equipment and simple training.

If the Northeast blackout of 2003, affecting over 45 million people in the US, was not a clear wake-up call then consider this, China and “probably one or two other” countries have the capacity to shut down the nation’s…

Photo credit-Carlos Herrero/Pexels

It seems the follies of our current President make juicy fodder for mainstream comics and media. Not just the follies, but his actions, travels and executive orders get converted to some type of comedy. While it definitely brings in revenue for the comedians, networks and sponsors, I believe it is bad for the country. They even turn his accusations of bullying, threats and tweets of fake news into comedy.

I am not a political analyst, but if we are laughing, how can we stay mad. So what would we have to be mad about?
The election is one thing. He…

Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

Unless you live under a rock you have been exposed to the map technology and huge amount of applications built from the satellite data and street view vehicles that have photographed and analyzed millions of miles of the worlds streets. From my California home I can, in a virtual way, drive through a tiny hamlet in Switzerland. I can see the Great Barrier Reef or even Mars. So why is that level of data not enough?

Most people who work with data understand that the more granular the data, the more facets of discovery there will be. Why do scientists…

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Becky and I had a special bond, shared brainwaves if you like, so for fun I decided to pay her a visit, but the only problem was she was on a tour of Europe and I was still in Fargo. As I found out later that was not a problem.

At the time, the concept of Astral Projection was not something I knew or even imagined ; you see, in the Seventies, the Sci-Fi field was very limited in scope and most knowledge was from books checked out of the Library. Of course our high school didn’t teach “Expansive uses…

Patrick Harris

OPEN_EYES: OPEN MIND…Interests in aviation, robotics, over-unity, and Space-Time.

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