A Professional Purpose

Love bestows life with its value, its truth, its beauty. At age twenty, I vowed to direct the best of my diligence, potential, and ambition in advancing the quality of medicine to the point deserving the treatment of the ones we love. Today, I aspire to contribute to the progression of our basic and applied scientific resources in preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic healthcare in hope of meriting the honor of supporting individuals and their loved ones in their health challenges.

In striving toward the successful fulfilment of this lifelong purpose. Artificial Intelligence characterized by its scientific inquiry into the basis of the phenomenon of consciousness provides a potent medium for the exploration and modification of vital molecular phenomena aimed respectively at more accurately understanding and effectively directing these processes toward states beneficial to human health. Along the extensive range of human disease, I hold a personal conviction in addressing the atherosclerosis-based instances of vascular pathology and its harmful systemic physiological effects. Basic biochemical phenomena mediate molecular networks which account for the integration of biological components from the level of genes to that of organs in ensuring normal human development and health maintenance. In accordance with this universal biological mechanism, endothelial cells phenotypically respond to the myriad of humoral, hemodynamic, intercellular, and extracellular matrix-based stimuli characterizing their environment through cellular signaling pathways which give rise to a wealth of information or biological truth to be explored and utilized in the promotion of human health. In elucidating and favorably controlling these processes, Artificial Intelligence provides a powerful means for probing and altering signal transduction networks through an extensive spectrum of technical resources including the utilization of Chemistry, more specifically, small molecules as basic probes and modifying agents along with novel technology in exploring the expression of cellular genome in the context of a complex multiagent environment.

It is a passionate professional purpose of mine to direct an applied scientific pursuit toward a successful investigation into the molecular phenomena mediating vascular physiology at its basis and the development of effective preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic capabilities in promoting vascular health and addressing its pathological challenges. Toward this goal, the intelligent quantitative characterization of the dynamic metabolome of endothelial cells under normal and aberrant multiagent environments aimed at an intelligent biomolecular design approach to therapeutics development in order to remedy cellular signaling mechanistic disturbances may serve as an initiating technical motivation in my education and professional pursuit.

At the present, I perform as the Co-Founder and Chief AI Officer at LPMPC, FPC, a California startup corporation in the field of Artificial Intelligence established in July 2014. LPMPC conducts basic research into the nature of human consciousness through physics, mathematics and philosophy. Translating this fundamental investigation, LPMPC generates new technological advances in the applicable discipline of Artificial Intelligence, with the focus on Machine Learning. At the core of Artificial Intelligence, lies applied and computational mathematics, in the sub-fields of numerical analysis, computational discrete mathematics, including number theory, algebra and combinatorics, and related fields such as stochastic numerical methods. By the means of this enterprise, LPMPC contributes to our understanding of the phenomenon of human consciousness and our advancement in technological prowess as a society.

Currently, LPMPC is focused on the application of machine learning, networked systems, applied probability and stochastic analysis, optimization, and mathematical signal processing to biomedical imaging. In specific, an original informatics platform, ConnectomeDatum, is under development to tackle the interpretation of the NIH Human Connectome Project neuroimaging data toward an accurate mapping of human connectome in structural and functional modalities, at micro and macro scales, static and in motion.

It is my profound passion to focus my education and profession at the cross section of the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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