The Sony Decision Incident!

The heat around Sony canceling The Interview has subsided now. It sure was a huge news, but not from the perspective most people took. This was a show of cyber war, in which people could feel the sting.

A lot of the arguments flowing in social media condemned Sony for ignoring free speech, easily giving in and even negotiating with terrorists. But, is Sony really to blame?

Sony is merely a corporation concerned with profit. It decided canceling a movie was worth leakage of others. Those who support capitalism should keep silent, for this is the fruit of their labor. Business doesn’t understand ethics, at least up to the line law has drawn (sometimes, even further). Please, don’t expect they “stand up” to cyber bully. Even if they do good deed, it’s merely to ruin an opponent and gather customers.

Interestingly, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” is not heard when US supports North Syria militias, specially since this quote is famously said by US government. But, somehow we expect Sony, a Japanese company, to adhere to it, great.