The Share The Light Challenge

A 60-day challenge to work on our creativity, authenticity, and discipline together

About 6 months ago, a group of friends and I were brainstorming ways to more effectively share our learnings and experiences with people who might find them helpful.

These friends were CEO’s who had just completed a leadership program in Washington DC. We all shared a collective urge to immediately apply the lessons we had learned in the program.

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One of the lessons was about learning how to tell our own stories more authentically and effectively. We wanted to practice sharing more of our internal ‘light’ but weren’t sure how to begin.

Eventually we came up with the idea of the Share The Light challenge, where we’d hold each other accountable for publishing a piece of content every day (except weekends) for 60 days.

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The content could be about any topic, as long as you feel it could be helpful or inspiring to others. The format was up to us (some did videos, others wrote articles or made drawings), and so was the choice of platform.

That’s pretty much it. Each of us would send screenshots as proof that we had successfully published our daily content.

So what ended up happening?

  • I published more social media posts in 2 months than I did in the previous 12 months
  • I published higher quality posts about topics like leadership, versus previously just posting family photos
  • I published in a more authentic voice than I had before, using my finger to sketch concepts on my ipad in my own way
  • I received a lot more messages from a wider variety of people, including those with whom I haven’t spoken to in a long time

I learned a ton from this challenge and it helped to spark countless soulful conversations with friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

As we were ending our Share The Light challenge, the Covid-19 panic was just beginning…

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That was 3 months ago. Given all that has occured (including this), it’s perhaps not so surprising that I’ve published zero content since then. Now I’m finally feeling ready to get back into it.

Last week my friends proposed that we start another Share The Light challenge. I knew I needed another push to put myself out there but still hesitated a bit (for like a week) before committing to participating.

What got me to commit was remembering the benefits I got from this challenge. Here’s some

#1. Fueled my discipline: leveraging accountability partners or public commitments helped keep me on track even when I felt like taking a day off.

#2. Stretched my creativity: publishing multiple times per week kept me on the lookout for stories or principles that I could write about.

#3. Organized my topics: publishing frequently got me to think in terms of the structure and themes across my individual pieces of content,

#4. Found my true voice: feedback helped me to hone in on the communication style that’s most natural and effective for me.

#5. Confronted my fears: this challenge got me to feel comfortable with discomfort, and empowered me to press publish even when I didn’t want to.

With that in mind, I would be honored to have you join this journey by participating in this challenge with me. No pressure ;)

While 99% of you will say no, even 1% saying yes would become itself an example of “sharing the light.”

If you’re indeed keen to join, CLICK HERE to get started.

Thanks for reading! Talk soon :)

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CEO of Pullpath

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