If You Want to Be Creative, Don’t Be Data Driven
Bill Pardi

Nice. The term “data-driven” or forward-chaining is one of the concepts in knowledge representation and reasoning, as opposed to “goal-driven” (or backward-chaining). 
Generally it seems to me that being goal-driven leads to better decisions. Instead of walking forward and allowing data (and what comes at you) to give you a direction, you start from the goal (where you want to be) and walk backward to where you stand right now, to imagine the path. 
Data-driven movements create trends, goal-driven people create art that last for centuries in spite of a billion changes

It’s like marriage: There will always be a woman (new data) who’s more beautiful than the woman (the old data) that one loves. Marriage is a goal-driven act, and chasing data here and there won’t create anything that’ll last.

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