Empty Pages

It’s been a while since I wrote anything -anything longer than 140 characters. Or had the patience to read a full article. At some point I figured I needed to fix this to fix myself. Nothing worked. Exercise. Meditation. Till I read this.

The 10 minutes I spent reading this were probably the best 10 minutes of my life.

However- roadblock was - he could make music. When I play the guitar, it makes Phoebe Buffay sound like Eric Clapton. I figured the only thing I could make with some effort, were sentences. So here goes.

If the name of the series wasn’t a hint — there is no structure or form to this. This is just going to be me writing about something, because I need to write something, mostly fictional.

I used a plot generator to write these initially and later on did get prompts from a lot of people. Sometimes I’d just write about random thoughts that would flit through my mind when I should have been focusing on something more important yet boring.

I did manage to write around 60ish short stories over 10 weeks approximately, do give it a read and let me know what you feel.

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