Calling Me a “Liberal” to Belittle My Views

In a recent conversation, someone called me a “liberal” to frame my beliefs disparagingly. “Of course you would believe that, you’re a liberal.” No sir — you’re just using a label to belittle me. I’m actually for *conserving* (get it?) the international order that has evolved since World War II, that several generations of U.S. leadership have steadily helped forge. There are many things wrong with it, but it is good in spirit, and I believe in it, for all its flaws.

Don’t let someone label you as either a “liberal” or a “conservative” and use that to belittle you. Today, these distinctions mean little other than to divide and disparage one another. In many ways, “liberals” today *are* conservative. Those old labels need no longer apply.

I know what I stand for. I stand for good governance, ethical governance, dignified governance, reasoned and transparent governance. Governance with outcomes I might disagree with, but whose process I respect. Our civilization deserves this type of leadership. If you’re going to label me something, label me that.