Thoughts of a Meditation Novice

For the first time last night I slipped into a true meditative state. My 10 minute session felt like 5 minutes. I’m beginning to understand the potential of meditation and mindfulness. It’s been over 3 weeks now that I’ve carved out time each evening to meditate (guided by the app), and I’ve slowly been learning to hone my focus and be in the present.

It’s been difficult to keep thoughts from racing through my mind. Anyone that knows me well knows just how ADD my mind can be — I’ve even been called a “Master Distractor” — but I’m getting better and better at observing these thoughts as “clouds that pass through the sky of my mind” (assuming you don’t spend most of your days staring at clouds).

To stay motivated with this habit, I keep reminding myself about all the advice given by successful CEOs and investors that meditation is like “mental jujitsu”, and that sounds like something awesome I want to master, not just for personal growth but career advancement as well. I tend to be a skeptic about things like this, but the research seems to corroborate the claims made about how beneficial this practice can be, so it’s hard for me to argue that it’s just the latest fad. Stay tuned for more updates.

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