2 DOGE Tweets From Elon Musk! Price Jumped

Elon Musk, the biggest supporter of Dogecoin (DOGE) and memecoins, took to Twitter again to talk about memes. The mutual tweets started with the release of the Lord of the Rings Boromir meme and then moved on to Dogecoin. The most memorable aspect of the hot development was Elon Musk’s new Twitter profile photo.

Twitter profile photo from Musk to send DOGE

In continuation of the above, Elon Musk then started talking about his son “Lil X”.The owner made his youngest son dogecoin and “toddler hod,” he described. Here are the tweets:


Afterwards, Dogecoin got the green light and rose as high as 3%. After the shares on Twitter, the most memorable development was Elon Musk ‘s new profile photo, which made reference to Dogecoin .