I deleted my koding account today and hope the company won’t charges me for the coming month’s…
Xihao Xiaohao

Hi Xihao, sorry that this led you to delete your account. After we talked here, on March 20, I sent you the following email:

Hi Xihao,
We checked your issue, your team is still in the trial period. The only charge you must have seen is the $1 amount, for the credit card authorization which usually gets refunded in a week or so (depends on how fast your bank is).
As for the educational pricing, once your request is processed we’d credit your account so that you won’t need to pay. In the meantime if you see a charge in your account please let us know so that we can refund.
Thank you, Sinan.

I sent that email to ja***.****g@ucsc.edu, the email we have in the system, maybe it bounced or ended up in spam. Anyhow, please send me an email to sinan@koding.com so that we can talk easier. Thanks.

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