Why Do Fat People Even Care About Dating Skinny People?
Emma Lindsay

What kind of off-key perspective does one have to have to focus on weight for more than two seconds? Is this third grade? All the attention should be given to mutants and how beneficial they are. Not queers, not vaginas, and etc., that shit is boring and needs no cogitation. The freaks and mutants run this shit, yet they are openly mocked. This is truly destructive and all media should sway every culture into mutant worship, and these people should be given privilege in all arenas. All mutants should be given everything, and the rest should slave due to unremarkable genes. Freak acceptance, or you’re no different than a child if you don’t believe this. Why is everyone into terrible genetics these days? Answer me this. The next time somebody ever mentions weight or feminism and whatnot, you should say, “fuck you, go find a freak and give it donations, and stfu”. Why don’t people do this?

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