Welcome Anders H. Lier to IOTA
David Sønstebø

Hello Anders,

What an exciting journey and development you are involved in . The TANGLE is an amazing system. Its cocept and form is much the same as the nervouse system and even how dark matter connects the Universe.

Please excuse the expansive introduction but this is what motivates me to contact you and present a proposal or even introduce an idea and opportunity to possibly put IOTA out there to save a country from financial collapse.

My name is Ian Sinclair — born in Kenya — lived most of my life in Zimbabwe and now live in Holland. One of millions of Zimbabweans displaced by the ruin of a wonderful country by the greed and corruption of one man. But this is not the place and time to talk about politics but economics.

Zimbabwe is unique in the world in how it’s financial journey has gone. I have two sisters living in Zimbabwe and their lives have been a roller coaster of trial and triumphs as they adapt to survive.

As with all ex- Zimbabweans our love for the country never diminishes and as exiles we try in all our ways to help . Zimabwe has only really survived from the foreign money sent back into it from relatives abroad.

Now to the point.

I feel your technology can be used to bring Zimbabwe into a product stable economy where the people in Zimbabwe will at last have some financial security and stability . To be part of a system that they can trust and receive an honest return from their work. No longer to be the victim of a corrupt and broken banking system.

Zimbabwe uses American dollars as it main trading currency . The cash in the system has systematically been taken/stolen out the country and deposited elsewhere. There is almost no cash in circulation.

Eco cash has been formed to tackle this problem — a uniquely Zimbabwe innovation to keep things going. Here the internet of things has already started.However they rely on phones and internet to make it work and many places in Zimbabwe do not have connection.

I have thought of a simple plan that I want to share with you to see if IOTA can be bring together of — what is — to a new innovative system that will link the people of Zimbabwe into the world financial Webb.

It may seem altruistic — but our limits are only our own imaginations and as a team member of IOTA this I am sure is your credo.

I am an investor in IOTA and believe this is the way of things in the future.

I have contacts in Zimbabwe and if you and your team are interested perhaps to listen to my ideas or just to share advice .

I can be contacted at


Kind regards

Ian Sinclair

I have had many titles the one I am now is as a natural health practitioner by training and practice and also promoting and selling natural health products. We are working with Zimabwean rural farmers to promote and sell their Moringa crop. Now to get the consumer in Europe to pay the farmer directly — can we make it happen.

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