Body Image

I see women around me obsessing about how they look.There is an image of a lean , slim woman with curves in all the right places.And that is what the world sells us as a picture of perfection.And all women in this world aim for that.So all your life you’ll find yourself lacking and you take more and more care with what you eat, how much you exercise etc.

I am one of these obsessed women but with a problem as i hate dieting and i feel negative about exercise.But then i remember a time when i used to go for long walks on the beach — a smile on my face,a zest for life and a skip in my beat.I realize that i enjoyed those walks because my intention then was enjoyment.I loved being active because my intention was having fun.Now when i want to go for a walk , the reason behind that walk is i have to exercise to stay fit.When did i stop having fun?

I have admired people who are unconventional and are so happy and comfortable being themselves.After all who cares what the world thinks?Now i realize i care a lot and i want to stop that.When people judge me,when they find me lacking in some way, i want to shout at them .I want to tell them there are so many positive things about me.Why not focus on that? But i realize that i have accepted their opinion and that’s why i am angry.

Why should what others think matter to me? Isn’t every opinion personal? If someone tells me that i am fat and so i have to slim down , it means if they were fat they would not accept themselves.So the message i should get is that they have a negative body image.And the message i get is that i am fat.

I have decided to appreciate what i have.My body may make the world frown but this is where my soul resides.My body accomplishes the goals i have set.It bears with all the stress i feel but does not add to it.Once i decided to cycle 50 km .So what if i did not touch a cycle for the past 6 months?So what if my maximum cycling record is 10 km? My body supported me all the way without any complaint.

So i have decided to tell anyone who tells me i am fat that i may not have a good body(as per your so called standards) but i have a good body image and i will keep working on it.As far as exercise is concerned,i will do what i enjoy a lot — swimming , long walks etc. Why should i respect people’s opinion if they don’t even respect themselves?

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