What is the course all about?

Emergency medicine is a field of medicine that deals in emergency cases. EM as it is fondly called is a medical course that caters for prompt response and treatments of persons who require them at the time. Skills such as first aid treatments of all kinds possible is needed to help a victim such as heart saving treatments, injuries from accidents, CPR and others that are of importance to helping out to save life. As an undergraduate student, to qualify for a BSc in emergency medicine requires eligibility of a 10+2 or its equivalent in sciences of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. There are medical schools in most cities of India offering the course to qualify as a doctor. Search out for admission openings in Top BSc Emergency Medicine College in Bangalore for your admission processing and subsequent placement.

Course is ideal for which kind of students

If you are really compassionate and a live saver who is ready to respond to an unscheduled call for help, then, emergency medicine is for you to study and start a career with. It is for those who can work independently anytime the call comes for it and able to use basic lifesaving gadgets and techniques. Know that as a qualified EM doctor, you are skilled in all available emergency skills required for use either within or outside of the work area. Road Accident victims, heart attacks, head injuries from a fall and many other emergency requirements are meant to be handled by the emergency doctor. So, you are so-so important in the medical field as a qualified Bachelor of Science degree holder in emergency medicine.

Career opportunity after course

An Emergency doctor is widely needed in many sectors of care and health. You can choose to work with the government hospitals or with private hospitals or organizations. Peace keeping operations and several multinational NGOs require the services of an EM doctor in their ranks. The Red Cross for instance is a common example of where your service as an emergency doctor would be of immense need. Military departments cannot do without having an emergency medicine practitioner available in their various operations. No doubt, with the wave of frequent security challenges all around the world, the prospect and scope of an Emergency medicine doctor would continually grow in the near future from 2017 upwards.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced

The salary package in medical practices is very attractive and competitive. An Emergency doctor is no exemption to getting a good pay for the work done. In India the salary scale can go as high as Rs 840,000 per annum on the average for the fresh graduate in the field. More experienced doctors with higher qualifications can get their annual salary in the millions of rupees per annum. If you are employed in top multinational companies, you are placed further on a higher scale and with bonuses and a career that can take you all around the world.

# Top BSc Emergency Medicine College in Bangalore,

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course

If you just graduated from the top BSc Emergency Medicine College in Bangalore, and Best colleges in India there are companies you can take your career to right in Bangalore or go farther to other cities if you want a change of Environment.

There are many top companies offering opportunities for fresh graduates and experienced and qualified doctors of emergency medicine. Some of the top 10 companies hiring after your completing of the course are:

1. Fortis healthcare Ltd Jaipur,

2. Free dial info services Pvt Ltd,

3. Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd,

4. SEHAT health community services Pvt Ltd,

5. Columbia Asia

6. MSI group Ltd

7. Kamineni Hospitals Pvt Ltd,

8. Alchemist Ltd and Mayom hospital

9. Manipal Health Enterprises

10. Max Healthcare

They all offer competitive offers to Emergency medicine doctors depending on your qualification and years of experience on the field in practice.