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am glad you found this useful! applying this bath paste I mention has its quirks, you shouldn’t make the paste too runny that its hard to gather in hand nor too thick that its hard to smear. I haven’t perfected the process just yet but I’ve been experimenting with soap-nuts as well. I take a small cloth pouch made of muslin cloth put my semi used (pulsed/mashed) soap-nuts in it and use it to bathing about thrice a week till I know they’ve been completely used up. I dump the remnants in my compost bin.

I also do have a soap in standby for those times am in a great hurry.

With ya on the no cosmetics rule! I’ve been mixing sweet almond oil + coconut oil (we make at home!), avocado oil, castor oil to get some pretty nice combinations. Using these for eyebrows, eyelashes and hair and loving’ it! I’ve been growing my hair out and its growing very well. Also helps with my bouts of Trichodynia.

I’ve read that adding tea tree essential oil should also be beneficial but haven’t tried so.

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