As planned, the first step in the process of exchanging ICN finished on December 31, 2018. 80% of ICN holders already exchanged their ICN, with the following results:

The dedicated ICN exchange page will remain continuously available until December 31, 2019. There will be two distribution dates:

  • July 31, 2019: All ICN tokens exchanged by June 30, 2019
  • January 31, 2020: All ICN tokens exchanged by December 31, 2019

The ICN to eICN exchange will remain 1:1 for the entire period up to December 31, 2019. The ICN to ETH exchange rate has changed and is now 0.00165 ETH for…

We closed out 2018 on a high note! After opening euro transactions in November, we now offer direct purchase of cryptocurrencies and Digital Portfolios to 165 million Europeans. We also published an overview of ICONOMI in 2018, celebrated the anniversary of BLX, the first Digital Portfolio, and more.

Deposit Euros From Anywhere in the Eurozone!

Euro transactions are now available for users from anywhere in the eurozone, encompassing 165 million potential users.

by Mihail Semertzidis of ICONOMI’s BMC and GMC Digital Portfolios

Due to persistent market corrections and volatility, we can all get emotional with our investment decisions. Below, ICONOMI Expert Mihail Semertzidis shares his thoughts and feelings on managing one of the top-performing Digital Portfolios of the past month, Bluechip Macro Crypto (BMC). Mihail also manages Global Macro Crypto (GMC).

Over the past four months, discussion about the end of cryptocurrencies trended significantly. For the layman, it was the end; for the knowledgeable, however, it was only another challenging day on the investment battlefield.

I am not sure what the exact phraseology was when the barter (swap) economy was replaced by…

While we’ve already started working on our New Year’s resolutions, we’d like to make a quick overview of 2018. We’ve embraced changes in the industry pushing for legal clarity and company transparency. Looking back, we have been releasing new feature updates at an extraordinary rate. By enabling cryptocurrency experts to share their knowledge on the ICONOMI platform, we are helping users enter the existing world of cryptocurrencies and teaching them new ways of investing.

2018 was a year of landmarks for ICONOMI, with the long-awaited release of euro transactions enabling users to buy into Digital Portfolios and individual cryptocurrencies directly…

This is the third part in our series answering frequently asked questions concerning eICN (read Part I and Part II).

Please note that certain details concerning eICN are still being polished in cooperation with external legal advisors. Where we discuss legal matters below, we are not giving any legal advice or opinion but rather conveying to you our understanding of the current legal environment, predominantly in Liechtenstein.

  1. ICN tokens exchanged for eICN tokens

eICN tokens will be issued and allotted to all ICN token holders who validly submit their non-binding interest and accept the offer for exchanging their ICN tokens…

We are ending 2018 on a high note by enabling our users to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can now choose from 10 market-leading cryptocurrencies and get started with as little as 10 euros!

Buy Cryptocurrencies and Digital Portfolios with Euros

On December 5, we launched euro transactions for Austria, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Slovenia, and Spain. Users from supported countries can now purchase 10 different leading cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin, ether, and ripple) directly, starting with as little as 10 euros. You can also buy into Digital Portfolios (formerly Digital Asset Arrays).

Users from countries not yet supported for direct purchase with euro can buy the new cryptocurrencies…

As of today, if you’re an ICONOMI user from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Slovenia, or Spain, you can purchase 10 different leading cryptocurrencies directly with zero fees. You can start now with as little as 10 euros!

In the coming weeks and months, we will be expanding the list of countries supported for direct purchase with euro. Supporting six European countries initially allows us to test and optimize the investment process and improve it with each new country we support.

If your country isn’t supported yet, you won’t be left out: you can buy cryptocurrencies with bitcoin (BTC) and…

Further to our announcement at the end of September, we have opened the door for the transformation of ICONOMI’s corporate governance. The process started on October 30, 2018 with the opening of a dedicated user interface on the ICONOMI website. As a current ICN holder, you can choose one option or a combination of the options below:

1. Exchange your ICN for ETH at the fixed exchange rate of 0.0019 ETH for 1 ICN

2. Exchange your ICN for eICN security tokens

Since the process of exchanging ICN tokens for ETH is straightforward, the focus of this blog post will…

The bear market trend continued in Q3 2018. This represented a very challenging environment for our DAA managers. Though the market conditions were far from optimal, despite these challenges, our top three best performing DAA managers again executed strategies that provided results for their DAA holders.

We also released a new trading engine in Q3, which led to swifter and smoother execution of rebalancings. This proved to be a great addition to the ICONOMI platform, enabling DAA managers to swiftly react to market signals and take a more active role in managing their DAAs.

The top three DAAs of Q3…

In October, we opened a new chapter for ICONOMI by publicly announcing eICN, one of the first security tokens. Once again, we are taking advantage of this window of opportunity in a competitive landscape that continues to evolve at a fast pace. Read on for more details about this transformation and much more.

eICN Updates

On October 30, we released the process for submitting non-binding interest in converting ICN to shares in ICONOMI AG (and, later, to eICN) or exchanging ICN for ETH. Read more in our announcement.

We also published Part II of our series answering the most common questions regarding…


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