Revenge from feeling of anger and frustration against the government is seen as one of the reasons for individuals joining and participating in terrorist acts within and outside of their communities. This is particularly true seeing how internal conflicts resulting from the feelings of being wronged metamorphosed into revenge. This maybe seen by the individual as a way of achieving equilibrium. However, in communities affected by terrorism one of the issues faced, is innocent people getting killed, arrested or brutalized unjustly by security operatives either by mistake or as a result of false accusations and corruption. This has caused a lot of deep seated feelings of resentment and powerlessness against the state. This makes people join these groups as a means of feeling in control and able to revenge against the state that permitted the perceived injustice to occur. So terrorism becomes a means of revenge and the biggest reason for people joining is revenge. Many people are joining terrorist groups because of what happened yesterday where someone has mistaken their parents , siblings friends for being members and has done them harm. So they are joining only because they feel they can appease their conscience by causing harm to those who had done them harm also. There is this desire for revenge against the state which occurs as a result of feelings of being abandoned by the state. The state in this instance is not living up to expectations and or campaign promises. Also, there is economic and social hardships in the communities which make people very angry against the state and some people are forced by this feeling of detachments against the state to take up arms against the state

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