The Removal of Abstraction is the Future of AR

WIP — Work in Progress — just jotting down fragmented thoughts

  • The future of AR lies in the development of new materials that integrate seamlessly with software technology, and is centric to the user experience — UX of sight, touch, sound, and …jk…no, not taste and not really smell.
  • Another technology that would be a fun to ca$h lies in the research and development of light projection and manipulation
  • Currently AR/VR Technology is booming. You have Snapchat and its selfie filters, Pokemon-Go utilizing geographical mapping. The other contrast lies in the head-sets and eye piece to create virtual reality or replicate a reality that is existing somewhere else in time and space.
  • However, like any other technology, the idea / prototypes of these ideas have already existed. The only difference is that we now have interface — aka abstractions — that are now utilized from the way we touch to the way we move on a day to day basis.
  • To really transform and fully realize the experience of AR, would be fundamentally changes in the way we use materials to construct our space (i.e. glass, concrete, wood, etc.). In creating a integration of a seamless network environment that is able to project a augmented reality, users are at liberty to create a environment that suits to their needs.
  • ^Not crazy, we already do this. The only thing holding us back is that it’s not seamless yet~ (i.e Nest, Alexa, IoT).
  • note to readers: I’m so tired. It’s a long day. had to put this down on cyber paper.
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