City of Melville’s CCTV Installation Misunderstanding


Conflict has arisen after another attack last night on Meville’s streets in absence of CCTV footage. To date, no CCTV cameras within Melville are operational, leaving Melville’s streets as unsafe, and giving criminals more opportunity to evade apprehention.

Victorian Police Minister Peter Kristy spoke on behalf of the State Government and criticised the Council for failing to have CCTV cameras operating along Rundle Street and Oxford Street. It has been in excess of 12 months after recieving $250,000 by the State Government to install the cameras, and Melville’s streets are still no safer.

Melville’s Council agreed in March 2015 to accept funding to reduce crime, but didn’t provide a project proposal to the Department of Justice’s Community Crime Prevention Unit until November 2016, 8 months later. Though this is factual, Mayor Nguyen has said she is extremely disappointed for these delays, blaming external bureaucracy that is beyond their control as the real culprit of the stalled program.

Mayor Nguyen of Melville’s City Council deems Minister Kristi’s expression of dissatisfaction with the delayed implementation of CCTV cameras as underhanded. Nguyen claims the attack on the responsibilities of the Council were uninformed and believes the State Government used last night’s attack on Melville’s streets as the event to spark outrage as revenge for the Council taking the State to court over an unwanted infrastructure project.

Nguyen, who is overseeing the CCTV project, would like to inform the public that there are processes and protocols that need to take place for the CCTV cameras to be legally operating. Permissions must be granted from VicWire, MelPower and Orange Electrical before the cameras are functional. Nguyen promises the system will be up and running by November 17th, with the monitoring equipment in the police department to be installed this month.

Although it has taken some time for the system to be in operation, Nguyen recognises due to the past criminal occurences in Melville, that the council needs to make safety the highest priority. Two years ago, a woman was abducted and murdered on Rundle Street as she walked home from a bar. The incident caused major grief within the community which was then relived in the incident which occurred last night. The recent event entailed a woman who fell victim when walking along Oxford Street. She was taken to hospital with injuries resulting from a physical struggle, but was fortunate enough to have survived the attack.

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